Birthday party in Novoyavorivsk

On November 20, in Novoyavorivsk, was the celebration of Mykhaylo KhomaBirthday - soloist of the Dzidzio band. Before the performance of the star, entertained the public with jokes - Studio "Magarich". After the performance, invited guests and visitors of the establishment were able to dance to contemporary music.

All performances and dances were accompanied by a prepared video series and a VJ show.


Services provided by «Media Lviv» Company:


-       Installation of 6 42-inch plasma display panels on 2-floor railing.

-       Displaying video footage on a wall with a projector Sanyo PLC-XU106 4500 Lm

-       Installation of Edirol V4 Video Mixer and 2 laptops.

-       Recording holidays on camera.