Opening of the “West Resource” Logistics Complex

Opening of the “West Resource” Logistics Complex 


On December 1, 2010, the “West Resource” Logistics Complex was opened near Gorodok city in Lviv region.It is the point of operation of the Customs control and clearance unit for entities, which regulate foreign economic activity. “West Resource” Logistics Complex is located on 40 hectares of area (of which 1,440 square meters are office space), modern technical equipment is available. The uniqueness of the Westresource Logistics Center in its compliance with all modern world standards for the location and ensuring the effective functioning of the Customs authorities, which carry out customs control.


Services provided by «Media Lviv» Company:

1.    Press conference:

-       Portableprojection screens Draper Consul 178x178 cm.

-       Mitsubishi XD460 Multimedia projector 2600Lm

-       Lenovo SL500 laptop

-       sound systems with a total output powerof 500 W (Soundcraft Audio mixer 8 channels, 250W Storm speakers, Crown Audio 500W Power Amplifier, 4 Proel Desktop conference microphones for meeting speech,1 Seenheiser Corded microphone)



2.    The dining room:

-       3 PhilipsPlasma Displays42-inch with stand 180 cm high.

-       Lenovo SL500 laptop for video playback